Where your body and mind are healed

It is just Gangwon-do, a healing hub

What is the Gangwon-do Wellness?

Recently, the wellness tourism gets spotlight as it pursues the physical and mental rest and more. The questionnaires research performed on 600 workers in their 20s to 50s shows that Gangwon-do is the no. 1 wellness tourist site.

Gangwon-do is located in the central and eastern part of Korean peninsula. As Gangwon-do has the endlessly connected mountains and valleys, and rivers and lakes filled with the Nature’s beauty as well as blue East Sea, it is called “the source of oxygen in Korea” where you can enjoy the beautiful nature and landscape.

Centering on East coast, there are many resorts complexes linked to the marine and mountain leisure sports, golfs and ski resorts. So, you can enjoy various leisure and sports in all four seasons and you can also visit the beautiful sites where the dramas and films were shot.

In addition, there are may cultural festivals such as Gangneung Danoje, Daegwangryeong International Music Festival where you can meet the culture and festivities there. The various leisure facilities and resting space would give you tourist the comfort and happiness.

Take back your vitality and energy by taking a Gangwon Wellness Tour where you can enjoy the natural beauty and activities!