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About health care business

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Gangwon-do health care business
Vision: Cure the World – Rest – Develop Health Care Business including Leisure
Object: Attract 143,000 health care customers by 2015 (138,000 from Korea; 5,000 from overseas)
Promotion Strategies
Direction: Promote medical tourism centering on diagnosis, treatment, and examination, and health care business that includes curing, rest, leisure, and travel
- Develop the business model that combines medical institutions + curing + leisure +travel elements
Promotion: Develop a joint business model that with organizations, institutions or facilities related to health care
- Use health care resources of Gangwon-do (forests/nature/travel/festival)
- Carry out joint business with various institutions (local governments, resorts, resting institutions)
- Create effect by extending cooperation with experts and cooperative bodies