About Center


Greeting Thank you for visiting Gangwon-do Medical Tourism Support Center. I am Ji Kisun, Director of Gangwon-do Medical Tourism Support Center. Since establishment in 2009, Gangwon-do Medical Tourism Support Center successfully completed the Project to Grow Medical Tourism Base Institutions. In addition, since 2012, the center has been the project to support Gangwon Health Care Business by extending the scope of medical tourism. Gangwon-do is the lung of Korea, embracing clean air, mountains, rivers, lakes and sea, and also the optimal place of festivals and leisure sports, for example, Chuncheon International Mime Festival and HwaCheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival. Gangwon-do Medical Tourism Support Center has established close network with medical institutions, resorts, and travel agencies within Gangwon-do based on health care programs connected to excellent tour resources and increased marketing activities for the major market within a radius of 1,200㎞ that includes China and Russia. In particular, the center has made an effort to enhance quality of products to attract more visitors for health care products and encourage them to visit Gangwon-do again by developing health care products that will help improve and cure health of body and soul. Accordingly, the center is doing its best to help visitors to the area restore health and vigor and those living in the area hire more and develop the local economy. For years to come, I will do my best to grow Gangwon-do as the center of the health care industry of the world by developing new health care markets and conducing marketing activities. I hope you would visit Gangwon-do, the healing center filled with health and happiness, and recharge yourself with happy, healthy energy. Thank you. Ji Kisun, Director, Gangwon-do Medical Tourism Support Center