Immigration information

Immigration information

What is VISA?
Visa originally refers to endorsement or verification and has a different meaning according to each country's policy. Visa can mean an "entry permit" to a foreigner by some countries, or can refer to the Consul's "recommendation" on a foreigner applying for Entry Permit. In Korea, the Definition of Visa refers to the latter, "Recommendation of Entry" by the Consul of Korean legations overseas. Therefore, a foreigner who holds a Visa might not be allowed to enter the country if he or she does not meet the requirements of entry permit under immigration process of the Immigration Office of the airport or port.

Types of Visa
• Single Visa - A foreigner can enter the country one time within the effective date. - Effective date: 3 months since issuance date

• Multiple Visa
- A foreigner can enter the country more than two times within the effective date. - Effective date: Since issuance date  Diplomacy (A-1) / Conventions/Agreements (A-3) visa status: 3 years from date of issue.  Visa provided under multiple-entry visa Agreement: duration specified by an agreement.  Visa provided for national benefit: duration specified by the Minister of Justice

Required documents to apply for Visa Passport, application for Visa issuance, attached documents per staying qualification ※ Certificate of Visa issuance if necessary

Cautions Should a visa applicant enter Korea prior to the actual issuance of the visa, it will be assumed that the applicant is withdrawing their application, and the issuance will be canceled. Visa applicant must claim their visa within 3 months after the date of application or the notification date of Minister of Justice's approval (applicable only if one is needed). Otherwise, the applicant must apply for a new visa.

Medical tourism Visa • Visa exclusive for foreign patients who enter Korea to cure illness in hospitals in the country • Short-term medical tourism (C-3-3), long-term medical tourism(G-1-10)

How institutions that attract foreign patients can sign up for membership of HuNet Korea and apply for Certificate of Visa issuance online Since January 2, 2012, hospitals and those who are registered as attracting foreign patitents can apply for Certificate of Visa issuance online at the web site of HuNet Korea ( and application at the Immigration Office is not allowed. Accordingly, you can sign-up for membership and apply for Certificate of Visa issuance online as follows:

1. Signing-up for membership ① Visit the website of HuNet Korea ( ② Click CORPORATION on the top of the screen. ③ Click Join in the right top side of the screen → Check the agreement → Click Institutions as Member → Fill in the application form and upload the attachment (refer to the user guide for details) ※ Among attached documents, the copy of ID card should be that of the representative of the company. When entering the type of unit taxation business, select Single if the main branch is separated and it needs to be approved by each business taxation. ④ Fill in the application form, upload the attachment, and click Apply. After applying in the web site, check membership in the immigration office that has jurisdiction over the region. After that, you can apply for Certificate of Visa issuance online (it takes around 3 days to get approved). After getting approved, it is required to register the Certificate of Visa issuance of the representative or the personnel in charge upon log-in.

2. How to apply for Certificate of Visa issuance online
① Visit the website of HuNet Korea (,
② Log-in
③ Click Certificate of Visa issuance on the top of the screen and click Apply on the bottom of the screen.
④ Click the available medical tourism type.
⑤ Click Add Invitees on the bottom of application screen, enter their basic information, upload related attached documents, and apply (refer to the user guide for details).
⑥ Check the application result in MyPage.

3. Inquiries
- Help Desk: Call Immigration Contact Center at 1345 or 02-500-9069.