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Gangwon province full of mystery of ancient times

Gangwon province is located in the northeast corner of South Korea. Gangwon's mountains and valleys connect endlessly, the rivers and lakes capture the beauty of the region's nature, and the brilliant blue sea of the East Sea are an expression of the great nature that is alive and breathing here.


Gangwon province which accompanies endless pleasure

The coast of the East Sea is home to some of Korea's largest resort complexes that connect to both marine and mountainous sightseeing, golf ranges, and ski resorts where you can enjoy various leisure sports throughout all four seasons. This area also has the Korean Wave, where Korean dramas and movies were filmed
In addition, you can attend the old traditional and romantic cultural festivals such as Gangneung Dano festival (on the fifth day of the fifth month of the year, according to the lunar calendar), Daegwanryeong International Music Festival, and many others. These various leisure facilities and sights give comfort and pleasure to patients and their family members.

Gangwon province developing beautiful medical culture

Both the medical tour and the sights in Gangwon province were specifically designed and brought up by the Korean government to host the future leading industries
In addition, the Gangwon Medical Tour has prepared the best medical infrastructure and a team of excellent medical staff who will think of the patients'health first and will treat you responsibly.
Additionally, the Medical Tour will provide services such as the Western and Oriental medicine consultation treatment, medical checkups, dental treatments, as well as more specialized medicine services such as spine, joint, digestive system, and cardiovascular system treatments.

We are inviting you to 'Health Travel' of Gangwon province, for your happiness and health.