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The Winter Olympic Games be held in PyeongChang, Gangwon-do in 2018 with about 80 countries participating. For the event, ski resorts that boast world famous sky facilities are making an effort to make perfect ski slope and offer various additional facility. In addition, spa, sea bathing, and leisure sports are available through the year in the nature surrounded by forests, water, and sea. Foods are abundant. Food ingredients from sea and land are available all the time. They have helped develop Korean traditional medicine and alternative medicine in the region.
Themed Tourism
Health Care Area at the Rear of Capital Area Internatioanal Health Care Area in the Pan East Sea
Olympic Green Health Care Area Ocean Interior Health Care Area
Special Medical Zone Health Care Area Centerral Inland Health Care Area
Health Care Area at the Rear of Capital Area

Listed below are recreation forests and arboretums where forests are distributed in the widest area. They include the widest habitat of Manchurian Trout, Korea's Natural Monument, Oji [remote area] Village, ecotourism places where rare migratory birds stay.