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Gangwon-do is the head of Hangang and Nakdonggang, representative rivers of Korea. Clean and pure water are welling up generating many mineral springs and hot springs filled with mysterious energy. Mineral springs are located here and there in the valleys where sick people are said to stay and get recovered completely. They are alkali mineral water effective for curing neuralgia and high blood pressure. They help prevent various illnesses from developing including stomach problems, anemia, excess acid, and cavity. In addition, trees and grass around the hot spring bear mysterious energy even in winter.
Themed Tourism
Health Care Area at the Rear of Capital Area Internatioanal Health Care Area in the Pan East Sea
Olympic Green Health Care Area Ocean Interior Health Care Area
Special Medical Zone Health Care Area Centerral Inland Health Care Area
Health Care Area at the Rear of Capital Area

Listed below are recreation forests and arboretums where forests are distributed in the widest area. They include the widest habitat of Manchurian Trout, Korea's Natural Monument, Oji [remote area] Village, ecotourism places where rare migratory birds stay.