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Gangwon-do is located within the Baekdudaegan, a mountain range that runs from Baekdusan to Jirisan. About 80% of the total area is forests, the highest forest coverage ratio in the country. Physiological and psychological benefits beyond simple rest can be expected. Approximately 40 natural recreation forests that boast dense forest and valley, are located in the province, including Daegwallyeong Natural Recreation Forest, the first recreation forest in the country, and Chiaksan Natural Recreation Forest, the highest of its kind in the country. A recreation forest is famous for generating phytoncide and offering hardwood charcoal bath that are said to help excrete waster matter and heavy metals from body. They also help metabolize and cure various types of illnesses.
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Health Care Area at the Rear of Capital Area

Listed below are recreation forests and arboretums where forests are distributed in the widest area. They include the widest habitat of Manchurian Trout, Korea's Natural Monument, Oji [remote area] Village, ecotourism places where rare migratory birds stay.