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Of the many conditions for leading a happy and healthy life, eating well has long been considered of great importance. As living standards improve, interest in health, in particular oral health, has increased.Because it is difficult and expensive to restore oral health that is already damaged, it is important to treat in advance. Through regular oral examinations, it aims at protecting the dental health of patients, while preventing cavities and maintaining healthy teeth for their entire life. In addition, it also aims at satisfying modern demands for beauty through whitening, aesthetic treatment, and jaw reconstructive surgery. Through dental prosthetic treatment to preserve teeth and improve its functions, braces to enhance aesthetics, treatment of bad breath, treatment of gum diseases, and treatment of other dental diseases will satisfy the basic desire of humans to ‘eat well’, while making a better and more beautiful life.

Medical Institution
Gangneung-Wonju National University Dental Hospital
Gangneung-Wonju National University Dental Hospital
120 Gangneung University Road, Gangneung