Rock Your Mind, Cheorwon!

Rock Your Mind, Cheorwon!
Rock Your Mind, Cheorwon!
* About program
- The existing medical tourism has been conducted in Busan and the capital area but this product is aimed at improving customers' health through Hot Springs, tracking (including Nordic walking), and mountain pot herbs.
- The guide helps tourists experience healing effect by integrating healing elements to the existing tourism guide, thus enjoying tour and healing at the same time.
- After tour, tourists can apply this program to daily lives and enhance their health.
Healing effect
- Tracking walking consumes calorie by 170Kcal–290Kcal.
- One-hour walking in the forest reduces stress by 50%.
- One-hour walking and meditation reduces tension, depression, anger, fatigue, and sense of confusion, and increases vigor.
- A meal consisting of mountain pot herbs and local specialties is one of natural curing elements that help tourists identify the kind of diet that they should have for their future.
- Bathing in a Hot Springs helps ease arthritis and dermatitis and recover physical and mental fatigue.
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