Skin care program using natural substance from the ocean

Skin care program using natural substance from the ocean
Skin care program using natural substance from the ocean
* About program
Multi-spa using deep sea water, coffee oil, and fucoxanthin
By developing a widely connected program, the program is run to prevent skin from being aged.
Healing effect
[Slow aging & baby face package]
- Polyphenol contained in the coffee is an anti-aging material that turns active oxygen into harmless material.
- In the coffee, not only moisture elements but also strong antioxidation elements are contained making skin moist and giving tension for an elastic face line.
- The slow-aging baby face line is Gangneung's unique face treatment program that relaxes mind using coffee's aroma scent and makes elastic skin.
- In addition, coffee's moisture, antioxidation, and cooling down functions are prescription program that recover many problems of skin suffering from exposure to ultraviolet rays for a long time.
[Natural fresh care package]
- Skin is the biggest organ in our body. The nose and the mouse absorb 99% of oxygen while pore of the skin absorbs the other remaining 1%. However, dead skin cell, life in closed circumstances with bad air circulation, stress, excessive make-up, all of these factors block the skin's pores preventing skin from breathing. Long-hour flight also makes skin tired.
- Oxygen treatment is a special program that supplies oxygen using deep sea water: it provides nutrition to skin, purifies skin, and supplies oxygen.
- The product is designed based on deep sea water, so it offers safe and stabilized treatment. At the same time, it supplies various types of nutrition necessary for growth.
[Relaxing Healing Treatment package]
- Patients who travel to receive medical services might have a high level of tension physically and psychologically. Treatment before surgery stimulates parasympathetic nerve so the patient can expect psychological stability. It also makes flexible body fluid and tissues maximizing operation prognosis. The special seaweed (fucoxanthin) is contained in the treatment that helps quickly recover from edema and hematoma.
- Physical and psychological fatigue can reduce level of immunity and destroy cells. The treatment is expected to recover from fatigue with fucoxanthin and Swedish deep tissue skin care.
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