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Han's Touch
Han's Touch
* About program
Han's Touch is the therapy brand of Daemyung Resort that has accumulated know-how on therapy for years and future directions of Korea's acua therapy.
Healing effect
[Aroma Health]
- Stretching refers to exercise that extends tendon, ligament, muscles of the body beyond limitation and helps increase joint working range, maintain and increase flexibility, and prevent injury.
- In other words, stretching "opens dark side of the body." Leave open armpit, groin, ears, fingers, and toes where flesh is folded or hidden, and this helps circulate energy and body temperature and is excellent in restoring energy immediately.
- Stretching with aroma scent gives mixed benefits because it helps improve nature of one's body and cure illness. Of course, natural scent itself is more beneficial to body, but adding psychological meaning to one's favorite scent will help enjoy the aroma therapy in every environment with any material.
- If the customer wants to work out muscles, a fresh or light aroma scent that strengthens body movement will maximize the status of exercise and physical conditions. This is a charming exercise because it removes boredom-enemy of muscle exercise, and encourages one to take more pleasant exercise.
[Water Therapy]
- Water is an important therapy material and spa is used as one of main methods to increase the synergy effects of therapy. Many customers take water theraly to relax muscles, improve skin conditions, and ease muscle pain. Water therapy helps one's body relaxed by cooling down the peripheral nerves, increasing blood supply to muscles, and warming body. In addition, it removes toxin from body and improves sleeping pattern, vitalizing energy level.
- However, customers might experience different effect because they receive a customized program.
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