Wellness Experience Camp & Kids Growth Therapy

Wellness Experience Camp & Kids Growth Therapy
Wellness Experience Camp & Kids Growth Therapy
* About program
The product consists of various programs: Wellness experience training + Special lecture by experts + Wellness walking in the Hanwha Healing Course + Body scrub self-care with bathing in the Hot Springs + Chaum Kids Growth Therapy + Accommodation + Medical checkup (optional).
Healing effect
[Body scrub self-care with bathing in the Hot Springs]
- Massage softly with moist scrub gel and simply wash it.
- Scrub grains made of natural walnut shells are effective in removing dead skin cells.
- Skin is purified by Forest Vitality Complex* and Chamaecyparis obtusa.
[Wellness walking in the Hanwha Healing Course]
- Stroke: The possibility of stroke caused by clotted blood decreased almost by half.
- Depression: It helps refresh oneself and ease stress. It also helps enhance concentration.
- Lung: It increases lung capacity and reduces the possibility of lung diseases.
- Heart: It reduces blood pressure and cholesterol level and cuts the possibility of heart diseases by half.
- Osteoporosis: It strengthens muscles and bones of the body and reduces the danger of osteoporosis by a third.
- Weight: Body fat starts to reduce when you walk for more than 30 minutes, and therefore it is important to walk for a long time.
- Diabetes: Walking rapidly for a fixed period of time is effective in reducing the level of blood sugar by two times.
- Arthritis: Compared to running, walking helps strengthen muscles of the joint region and prevent arthritis from developing while maintaining burden on joint.
[Therapy that helps grow and ease tension]
- By massaging muscles and fascia, relieve tension and adjust balance to maintain the correct posture and vitalize the growth plate.
- By massaging between joints, stimulate and open the growth plate to help kids grow further.
- Activate the ROM (Range of Motion) that exists on the growth plate through growth stretching massage to maintain flexible and healthy growth plate.
- Stimulate blood dots that help grow and promote circulation of yin and yang energy.
- Representative telephone number of Chaum and Hanwah Hotels & Resorts: 1588-2299
- Institute of Green Bio Science & Technology: 033-339-5714