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Gangneung Dongin Hospital
Gangneung Dongin Hospital
* Specialized units   Korean medical treatment
1065-2 Ponam 1-dong, Gangeung
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Gangneung Dongin Hospital Gangneung Dongin Hospital Gangneung Dongin Hospital Gangneung Dongin Hospital Gangneung Dongin Hospital Gangneung Dongin Hospital
About Hospital
Gangneun Dongin Hospital is one of two hospitals under the Dongin Medical Center, and it was the first general hospital established in 1983 in the Yeongdong area of Gangwon-do. It practices customer-oriented social welfare management philosophies.
GSpecialized facilities include the spine center cardiology center, health examination center, digestive organ disease center, wide-range emergency medical center, and oriental medical centers. In addition, it also operates a social welfare facility for patients with mental illnesses and a one-stop support center for spouse and child abuse to practical social services.
It is equipped with the nation’s best medical staff and superior medical equipment, and it is progressing by procuring outstanding faculty and systematic management systems. It offers accurate test results through precision medical instruments, and provides better services to visitors. It is realizing high-tech medicine as a recipient-oriented center where patients can receive one-stop services from diagnosis to examinations.
Health care sector
Health examination
Oriental medicine
Scale institutions
* 676 beds total
-VIP Room: 6 rooms (for foreigners)
-ONE Room: 28 rooms
Medical equipment and facilities
- PET-CT, MRI/MRA, Angiography, Capsule endoscope, 64 channel MDCT, Digital camera, Gamma knife
- Main Facilities: General examination center, Artificial kidney center, Physical therapy center, Digestive organ center, Cardiology center, Western/Oriental medicine cooperation center