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Gangneung Asan Hospital
Gangneung Asan Hospital
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415 Bangdong-ri, Sacheon-myeon, Gangneung
+82-33-610-3598, 610-3599
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Gangneung Asan Hospital Gangneung Asan Hospital Gangneung Asan Hospital Gangneung Asan Hospital Gangneung Asan Hospital Gangneung Asan Hospital
About Hospital
The Gangneung Asan Hospital is one of the 8 hospitals under the Asan Social Welfare Foundation that is leading the medical field of Gangwon-do. It was opened in 1996 under the practical intent of respect for humans by the late Chung Ju-yung who stated, “Everyone has the right to pursue a healthy life.” It is currently making heavy investments in the 32 clinical departments, various basic medicine and clinical research fields.
In addition, by operating a specialized illness center with specialized treatment systems for diseases that have effects on living a healthy life, it has constructed a system so that patients can receive prompt and accurate treatment.
angneung Asan Hospital is surrounded by the blue East Coast ocean thick pine forests, the natural environment for therapy in nature, medical faculty that does their best in diagnosis, and high tech medical facilities are combined to protect the lives of you and your families through continuous challenge and research on medical diseases.
Health care sector
Health Examination
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Total Floor Area: 74,727 m² (3 basement, 7 stories), 659 beds
Medical equipment and facilities
- Key Equipment: Radiation Treatment Device, PET-CT, MR, CT, Angiograph, Endoscope equipment, Gamma camera, Ultrasonogram, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy
- Specialized Center: Health Medicine Center, Cancer Center, Digestive Diseases Center, Emergency Medical Center, Pain Therapy Center, Special Examination Center, Respiratory and Allergy Examination Center