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Sokcho Medical Center
Sokcho Medical Center
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Yeongnang-dong 591-10, Sokcho-si
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Sokcho Medical Center Sokcho Medical Center Sokcho Medical Center Sokcho Medical Center Sokcho Medical Center Sokcho Medical Center
About Hospital
Sokcho Medical Center was established in 1956 to provide medical services in Gangwon-do. It is a general hospital that has gained trust based on excellent medical treatment and various medical services for more than 60 years. However, the hospital was not satisfied with the past result, and established a new modern building in 2012 to meet the expectations about medical services in Korea and abroad. At the same time, the hospital has hired many excellent medical teams and replaced many medical equipment to the newest advanced one including MRI, CT, ultrasonic waves device. As a result, the hospital was re-born as a medical institution at a higher level. In addition, Sokcho Medical Center is located in the middle of natural environment where patients can see a grand Seoraksan, beautiful lakes, and pure East Sea ocean. Accordingly, the institution is making an effort not only to cure patients' illness but to help them cure their mind and take rest.
Health care sector
Internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, orthopedics, neurosurgery, rehabilitation medicine, radiology, anesthetics, otorhinolaryngology, psychiatry, laboratory medicine, emergency medicine,, neurology, dentistry
Scale institutions
Hospital size: Main building (4 stories, 1 basement), annex (4 stories, 1 basement)
Size of sickbeds: 42 rooms, 180 sickbeds
※ General checkup waiting room exclusive for foreigners and convenient facilities
Medical equipment and facilities
Main devices: MRI, CT, ultrasonic waves device, endoscope device, lithotripter shock wave
Specialized center: Medical Checkup Center, Digestive Organs Center, Rehabilitation Treatment Center