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Su Hospital
Su Hospital
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Wonmoon-ro 1419, Munmak-eup, Wonju-si
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Su Hospital is a comfortable hospital specialized in rehabilitation with 280 sickbeds. The rehabilitation treatment center is formed in an area of around 300m2 where physical therapists who completed the rehabilitation course provide customized treatment services using the cutting edge equipment.

The hospital ward is designed according to patients' taste and equipped with the shower room and restroom, removing unnecessary movement. In addition, Su Hospital is equipped with wide landscape, Social Work Office, CT room, convenience store, wide parking lot, and natural trail.

Areas of specialty
Urology: Dysuresia, urinary incontinence, male sexual dysfunction, pediatric urology, calculus
Dermatology: Psoriasis, freckle, allergic disease, acne, skin health Rehabilitation medicine:
Medical rehabilitation field - Cerebral apoplexy, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, peripheral neuritis, muscular dystrophy Musculoskeletal – Myofascial pain syndrome, frozen shoulder, disk, arthritis Electrodiagnosis – Diagnose neuromuscular disorders by examining electromyogram. Neurology: Headache, dizziness, loss of consciousness, faint, cerebrovascular disease, convulsive disease, dyskinesia disease, muscular and peripheral nervous system disease, demyelinating disease, central nervous system infectious disease, dementia, insomniac General surgery: Pancreas, biliary surgery (pancreatic neoplasm, chronic pancreatitis, duodenum surgery), laparoscope operation, proctological surgery, vascular surgery, pediatric surgery, breast and thyroid diseases, stomach, intestinal canal and anal diseases

Internal medicine:
Digestive organs – Esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine disease, functional dyspepsia, liver and intestines, biliary tract, pancreas Respiratory organ – Lung disease including tuberculosis and lung cancer, internal secretion: Diabetes, hyperlipidemia, thyroid, osteoporosis, endocrinopathy Orthopedics: Specialized in fracture surgery, articulation exercise clinic, pain trauma therapy

Specialized treatment
Rehabilitation clinic – Stroke clinic, dysmnesia clinic, degenerative neuronal disease clinic, pain rehabilitation clinic, spinal cord rehabilitation clinic General surgery: Acute appendicitis, varicose vein, colonoscopy examination, hemorrhoids, breast thyroid gland Neurology: Dementia, stroke, EEG (electro encephalography) – Examines the brain and decide if it has a convulsive disease, headache, stroke, cerebro-vascular disease, or consciousness disorder.

Internal medicine:
Digestive organs diseases – Esophagitis, gastroesophageal reflux disease, gastritis, duodenal ulcer, infectious disease, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, alcoholic diseases, fatty liver, stomach cancer, esophagus cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, gastroscope Kidney diseases – Acute pyelonephritis, cystitis, polycystic kidney disease, hematuria, albuminuria, chronic renal failure Circulatory diseases – High blood pressure, ischemic heart disease, heart failure, arrhythmia, echocardiography Endocrinopathy – Diabetes, hyperlipidemia, metabolic diseases, placenta clinic
Health care sector
Urology, dermatology, rehabilitation medicine, neurology, orthopedics
Scale institutions
A comfortable hospital specialized in rehabilitation with 280 sickbeds, general surgery, internal medicine