Gangneung Dano Festival
Gangneung Dano Festival
Dano Festival starts on May 5 every year in Gangneung city. It is the festival that boasts a 1000 year long tradition. Gangneung Danoje is namely the largest folk festival designated by Unesco as a formless legacy of masterpieces of mankind. Starting off with a rite to the mountain spirit will be followed by Danogook, a farm music contest, a Gwano mask play and 50 more official events. This is the festival which tourist can participate in such activities as the Changpo washing of the hair, hopping on traditional Korean seesaws, and ssirum(Korean style wrestling)

- Homepage :http://www.danojefestival.or.kr
- period : Spring Every Lunar calendar May 5th
- Inquiry Phone : Culture > Sports Dept.
  Gangneung City : +82-33-640-5118
Hwacheon Mountain Trout festival
Hwacheon Mountain Trout festival
'Mountain trout ice fishing,' as well as many programs welcome you. You can only experience the 'Mountain trout ice fishing' in Hwacheon. You can meet not only 'Mountain trout ice fishing,' and 'lure fishing', but also 'Creative sled contest,' 'Ice world train,' 'Ice soccer,' 'Catching mountain trout with bare hands,' etc.

- Homepage:http://www.narafestival.com/
- Festival period: Winter Every Mid-January
- Inquiry Phone: Hwacheon-gun Nara Festival Organization
  Committee: +82-33-441-7574
Icefish festival
Icefish festival
The silver Binga(Icefish) is the theme of this festival taking place at Soyanghoe (lake) ,the entrance of Naeseorak Naerinchun located at Inje county in Ganwong-do This is the local festival of Inje where one can view the crystal clean Binga, the snow covered Naeseorak Mountain, and the performing cultures of the mountain villages on the ice. You may participate in the Binga fishing competition, soccer game on the ice, and Mountain biking on the snowy mountain, along with a variety of food to try.

- Homepage:http://www.injefestival.co.kr/
- Festival period: Winter Every end of January
   ~ Beginning February
- Inquiry Phone: Inje-gun Festival Promotion
  Committee : +82-33-460-2082
Gyoungpoe cherry blossom festival
Gyoungpoe cherry blossom festival
Gyoungpoe cherry blossom festival which maintains the beauty of the Gyoungpoe lake whose circumference is 4.3km placing Gyoungpoedae (the number 6 province local tangible cultural property) at the center is held for a week before and after the time of flowering of cherry blossoms, and diverse cultural and artistic events are held at the high noon of cherry blossoms.

- Inquiry Phone : +82-33-640-5904
- Period : early April
- Place : Gyoungpoedae area
International Mime Festival
International Mime Festival
The Chuncheon Mime Festival which started in 1995 is the largest mine festival in Asia. This festival is comparable with other international mime festivals such as the French Mimos Mime festival and the London Mime Festival. During the festival, World famous mime performances take place in all corners of the city and on hedgehog island located in the middle of the city. The entire island including lawns, forest, under the bridges of the island become a hugh festival site.

- Homepage:http://www.mimefestival.com
- Festival period: Spring Every May
- Inquiry Phone: Chuncheon Mime
  Festival: +82-33-242-0585
Song-i mushroom festival
Song-i mushroom festival
The golden mushroom, the diamond in forest, almost a spiritual being,,,That is how Koreans describe the "Songi Mushroom." The fall in Yangyang can be best described with the big and small tops of Mt. Serok and colored leaves descending like a girl's traditional costume top. Yangyang Songi festival in the fall comes to people as an opportunity to get to know the mystic mushroom. Yangyang Songi festival allows the general public to monitor and pick the tightly managed songi mushrooms that are naturally grown in the habitate. This is one of the unique opportunities that people learn the importance of the well preserved nature and to appreciate the superb quality of Songi Mushroom through the personal experiences gained from participating in such activities as searching out for songi mushrooms up in the mountain.

- Homepage :http://eng.yangyang.go.kr/
- Festival period : Every end of September ~ Beginning October
- Inquiry Phone : Yangyang Song-I Festival
  Committee : +82-33-670-2723~4
Wonju Dynamic Dancing Carnival
Wonju Dynamic Dancing Carnival
Dancing to the exciting rhythm, the Wonju Dynamic Dancing Carnival was originally known as Wonju International Tattoo Festival from 2000 to 2010. From 2011, the festival later changed to its present name and developed several global programs. In addition, the festival's main program 'Dancing Carnival' unfolds a stage that is approximately 200m in width and a street parade featuring a variety of folk dances and magnificent military marching bands from international teams across the globe, as well as the local citizens' passionate performances.

- Homepage http://http://www.dynamicwonju.com/eng/main.html
- period : In September
- Inquiry Phone : 82-70-8878-9401

Hyeoseok cultural festival
Hyeoseok cultural festival
Gasan Hyo suk Lee is a reputable authority of Korean contemporary literature. One of his main literary works "when buckwheat flower blooms" was actually based on the story which took place here in Bongpyeong. Starting late summer, the town begins to be covered by buckwheat flowers, and that is when Hyeoseok cultural festival starts. All sorts of local dishes such as buckwheat Makguksu, buckwheat pancake, buckwheat Mook(jello-like) can be tasted in the festival. In the midst of Hyeoseok cultural festival, the traditional market which is recreated from his novel, can be spotted. so, How about heading out to Pyeongchang in the fall when the picturesque buckwheat flowers cover the entire town.

- Homepage:http://english.hsg.go.kr/main/
- Festival period: Autumn - Every beginning September
- Inquiry Phone: Hyeoseok Cultural Festival Committee of
  Pyeongchang-gun : +82-33-335-2323
Taebaek snow festival
Taebaek snow festival
Taebaek mountain snow festival has become the representative winter festival as the city of Taebaek converted into a city of tourism. Snow trains run during the festival, so the train ride should be included as part of a trip plan. Taebaek mountain snow festival is definitely the international festival that offers diverse event programs, so many domestic and foreigners can enjoy.

- Homepage :http://festival.taebaek.go.kr/
- Festival period:Winter Every Mid-January ~ End of Jenuary
- Inquiry Phone:Taebaek Snow Festival Promotion
  Committee : +82-33-550-2081